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Film still: Luca Truffarelli


CORVIDAE  (6:28m)
Choreography: Justine Doswell in collaboration with dance artists.

Dance artists: Justine Cooper, Emily Kilkenny-Roddy and Oran Leong. (Special thanks to Salma Ataya and Emma O'Kane)

Soundscape: Brian Hogan

Music: Open by Acid Pauli Mst (2012) CS009

Filmed by Luca Truffarelli

At the end of forty days Noah opened the window of the ark that he had made and sent forth a raven. It went to and fro until the waters were dried up from the earth.” Genesis 8

The majestic raven is a complex bird. Both in nature and in religion, mythology and folklore, it is a bird of paradox. Long considered a creature of ill omen, battle, death, impending doom and the supernatural, it was once believed that the wings of a raven carried contagion. However, many cultures associate the raven with healing, reflection, transformation, renewal and rebirth. It casts light into darkness and is the messenger between heaven and earth, the dead and the living, man and gods. Master of synchronicity, soaring over hurdles and obstacles, when the raven spirit animal comes into your life, it arrives to prepare you for impending change and has the power to alter time and space.

Based in Dublin since 1997, Justine Doswell has had the pleasure to work with a myriad of Irish and international choreographers and directors. Her choreographic work has been supported by The Arts Council, Dance Ireland, THEATREClub, Project Arts Centre, Liz Roche Company, The Lir Academy, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Dance Limerick, Shawbrook and Dance Resource Base.

Commissioned by Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Dancer From the Dance - Festival of Irish Choreography 2020.
Preliminary 2019 research funded by an Arts Council Bursary, supported by a Shawbrook Residency.

Presented by Irish Modern Dance Theatre Dancer from the Dance Festival of Irish Choreography >>

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